From visit to moving in (up to Step 5)

Step 1. Please contact the company by phone, email and LINE.

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Working days

Monday-Saturday 8:30 - 17:30
Open for accommodation recommendations every day.
Closed during the new year during Songkran


+66-99-164-8558 (Japanese caretaker)




  • Name *
  • Company *
  • Phone No. *
  • Email *
  • Budget *
  • Size(㎡) *
  • Preferred area *
  • Family structure of residence * 【Single person/couple/family (number/age of children)
  • Layout * 【Studio ~ 5 BedRoom】
  • Move in *
  • Number of visitors at the time of visit *
  • Special requirementsNotification of requests such as pets and children's playgrounds

Step 2. We will send you a list of properties.

Step 3. Property tour

When it is convenient for you, our Japanese staff will guide you to the property. We will pick you up at the meeting place. (It will be picked up at the basic hotel)

We visit the property every day on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays.
Time 9:00~17:00

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Step 4. Property reservation

When the property you want to move in is confirmed, you pay the deposit and temporarily hold it.
This deposit will not be refunded if canceled for your convenience.

Accommodation needed

1. Passport 【Pages with photos】
2. Business cards
3. 20,000 baht accommodation fee 【The price depends on the type of accommodation】

Step 5. Staying

  • Before staying in, the Japanese caretaker of the company will make a clarification regarding the necessary documents.
    (Consists of items for checking the belongings of appliances and rental agreements for accommodation, etc.)
  • Usually the keys will be delivered to the customer on the day of stay.
    In the inspection of appliances in the accommodation. There will be 2 checks, which are During the stay and in the process of moving out Which the company will request permission to do the inspection with the customers both times
    And to prevent problems between the customer and the room owner during the transfer process The company therefore requests permission to go to inspect the damage in accordance with the appliance inspection program.
    After staying If there is any damaged part other than in the list Ask the customer to take a photo and send it and the company will add it to the appliance inspection list.
  • Since it is necessary to have the room owner sign the contract after the client has signed the contract In this process, the duration is approximately 1 week.
    At this time there may be a delay depending on the host.
  • Before staying in, the company will clean the room for
  • Before staying, customers must pay a deposit and rent for 2 months. In the month of stay

  • Please notify at least 1-2 months in advance before canceling the rental contract.
  • In the event that property in the accommodation is damaged or lost All expenses will be deducted from the deposit. In some cases there may be additional costs. Please take care of the accommodation and use the items carefully within the accommodation.
  • Company services ORIGAMI by N.O.K.
    The company will service Recommend housekeeping to the accommodation Operate telephone, internet, cable TV and Streaming television for customers
    The company will provide services in the area of advice and implementation. If problems occur after installation, the company will not have any involvement.